Monday, April 14, 2014

Light and Hope

Today's Positive News

How would you like to wake up your day: to good news or bad? Certainly knowledge of what is happening in our world is good to keep up on, but even then one wonders, didn't anything good or nice or kind happen today? I'm going to make an effort to hunt up these positive moments that must indeed exist, so we sprinkle them in with the dark news or perhaps only pay attention to them. Would that put a smile on our faces for the day? Give us more joy, which in turn help us to shine more light & goodness on others? How does the news affect us? And if it does, would it follow that bad news adversely affects us vs. good would uplift us? Interesting thoughts to ponder as you look at Todays Positive News.

Just take a peek at two photos attached to two different articles of news of Today (NYT

This one is warning of Global disaster if the world as a whole doesn't do something in 15 years and yes, let it be noted, knowing this news also is important, yet it would be nice if it was also accompanied with an article about those who are making efforts to change this. For example, at The College of Atlantic students are only Ecology Majors where they study a vast array of subjects in hopes of preserving what is or recapturing what was. COA My son Jonathan will attend this Fall and I'm so proud that he will be working towards a solution in all his efforts, whether it's studying some Environmental Studies subject or playing music. Truly a unique and needed college, where students will perhaps find answers amid a myriad of disciplines. Without these potential answers, we as a whole world will be in deep trouble.

And another article pulled from today's news speaks of a solution garnered for a small town who find themselves in the dark half of the year (NYT):

In a small town in Norway called Rjukan it is dark 6 months of the year because of their Northerly position and a mountain. Seeking a solution meant setting up mirrors that are sun & wind powered on the mountain to provide a spot of sunlight on people in darkness. Even some of the naysayers changed their minds when the light pooled below in one spot in the town square. 
 Robert Jenbergsen, who is studying to become a teacher, have changed their minds. “I thought it would be a waste because we have a lot of bad weather here,” he said. “But when we got the sun, you could see the happiness it brought. We had never seen anything like that before. So, now I think it is great.”

Seeking solutions to today's troubles, instead of just reporting the negative. Finding the positive in order to generate more positive thoughts and perhaps actions. Fluff or fairy dust and hopeful thinking? Perhaps, but one must always hope and try and in this solutions will be found in forward positive motion and thought.


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  1. hey that's great thinking goes to show whar a little lite will do!