Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Closing of this blog...

Unfortunately this blog seems to have picked up a "bug" of some sort from adding Wiki-player. Not knowing what else to so I have shut it down and created a new blog: Today's Positive Thoughts.

I started this particular blog when I found out my Mom had Alzheimers and I had just came back from a visit to her back East. Dealing the best way with grief that I knew I submerged myself in finding positive thoughts and it helped.  Now on the day I find out she is finally slipping away after losing the ability to recognize even my Dad. So the time is short. Perhaps this is a blessing. She wouldn't of wanted to live the way she is, now away from her dear home and life and family. So I'm starting a new blog when I probably will need a new collection of good thoughts to keep my head up.

Thank you if you read my posts. Some favorites will be re-blogged on Today's Positive News, a few on my History blog- History Takes Perspective and I am daily active on my knitting blog- Lovely Yarn Escapes, come by for a visit. I have wonderful patterns to share and even tutorials on how to knit. 


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