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Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

 Last year February 2, 2013 Grand Central Station in New York City celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is considered the second greatest tourist attraction in the city second to visiting Times Square. "Opened on February 2, 1913, when trains were a luxurious means of traveling across America, the iconic New York landmark with its Beaux-Arts facade is an architectural gem, and still one of America's greatest transportation hubs. It is also the Big Apple's second-most-popular tourist attraction, after Times Square." Built when traveling by train was glamorous in 1913, it survived when the cars ruled supreme."It made its debut in the heyday of cross-country train travel, faced demolition in the era of the auto, and got a new lease on life with a facelift in its eighth decade."Happy 100th birthday, Grand Central Station! New York's Old Lady celebrates centenary with spectacular pictures that show she's still going strong

 Here's a beautiful collection of photographs celebrating it's existence and survival, opposed to Penn station which the original was demolished decades ago. Happy 100th birthday, Grand Central Station!

Whereas the original Penn Station was demolished years ago in 1963 when the price of New York real estate went up and the city didn't want to keep it up and built the ugly Penn Station instead with Madison Square Garden on top. The  American movement of Historic Preservation was actually started then when Jacqueline Kennedy saved Grand Central Station later because of the tragedy of Penn Station being torn down.
The original Penn Station which was torn down:

Thankfully Grand Central Station was preserved:

Thankfully the past has preserved and we can still enjoy it's grandeur in Grand Central Station:


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