Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Eggs

It's Easter this weekend and yes honestly there are more important aspects to the holiday than decorating eggs- such as The Lord's sacrifice and Redemption for man, but I find God is also a God of Joy and right now I can't find a positive news event so I thought I'd segue over to a creative art form of decorating eggs and create a beautiful post on creating Easter Eggs.

 The Ukrainians celebrate Easter by creating amazing eggs and that process of creating them is called pysanky. Eggs are decorated using a stylus and wax, it is similar to batik. Here's a tutorial on making Ukrainian eggs: Behold Ukrainian Easter Art: Incredible, Inedible Eggs   


Another style of pysanky eggs uses the old Ukrainian methods but has a hint of the seashore and a modern flare: Golden Creations 

Here's another more modern method with some amazing results by dyeing eggs using silk ties. I have several websites for instruction and I'll dot these throughout these beautiful pictures. Have fun creating beautiful eggs. The Lord I'm sure will smile!Silk-Tie Easter Eggs

And this website also offers step-by-step instruction: Silk-Dyed Eggs (Aka Tie-died!) 

Beautiful all blue tie-dyed eggs: 

And finally a technique that makes Ombre colored blue eggs: Ombré Easter Eggs 

The blue ombre eggs are the ones I'm tempted to make and pile them in some clear glass bowl, while my daughter might try: 


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