Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Matisse's Blue Nudes

The Tate Museum in England has for the first time with the help of Henri Matisse's Great Granddaughter Sophie Matisse brought together all four of Matisse's hand cutouts called The Blue Nude. The exhibit will be on display first in England and then at The Museum Of Modern Art in New York in October. Tate Modern opens 'once-in-a-lifetime' Matisse show The Matisse show opens April 17th.

The artist Henri Matisse cut these works out when he was very old when many expected him to be dying, yet still he deftly cut them out.Matisse exhibition reunites 'Blue Nude' paper cut-outs

There is also one of the largest gathering of many of his work in one place.
 "The show explores the paper cutouts that Matisse, one of the greatest of all 20th-century artists, began making in his later life, between 1937-54. It brings together 130 gloriously coloured works, more than any before, and explores how and why Matisse began to make work in a new way so late in life."The Guardian

Matisse's Great Granddaughter Sophie Matisse has been deeply touched by the exhibit:
"The Matisse family have been closely involved in an exhibition that Serota said he had wanted to do for more than 30 years. Sophie Matisse, the artist's great-granddaughter and an artist herself, said: "It is such an amazing moment for me to see all these pieces together. It's just very moving … maybe I'll be able to talk about it better in a week when I've absorbed more."The Guardian

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