Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wheaton College Professor Supports Muslims

(Please note that while this isn't a positive news piece, I felt compelled to highlight this Professor's bold and compassionate actions. I felt we should be supportive of her.)


     Today in New York Times an article about a professor at Wheaton appeared: "Wheaton College Professor Is Put on Leave After Remarks Supporting Muslims" (Wheaton-college-professor-larycia-hawkins-muslim-scarf).  Larycia Hawkins has been suspended because she decide to put a Hijab on in support of Muslim women during Advent. Saying that we serve the same God. The College took offense and now she's suspended for an indefinite period of time.  Wheaton College felt she muddied the waters of the differences between Christianity and the Islamic Faith. They couldn't perceive the virtuous action she did by putting a hijab on to symbolize sympathy for Muslim Women who have to be very courageous in this Anti-Islamic atmosphere to wear a hijab in public. She stood out by simply being kind. Now her actions are top news across the land- good for her.
 As to their accusations- yes I can understand that the God of Christianity and the God of Islam as portrayed in the individual religions is different (Are-followers-of-Judaism-Christianity-and-Islam-praying-to-the-same-God) yet historically (and they ought to know this) He is actually the same God. In the Old Testament He is the God of Abraham and therefore the God of all his descendants. The Middle East is populated by the descendants of Abraham, of Ishmael and Isaac. They technically are under the same one God. Now each version of how each God operates, or His personality is different. Kinda like if there were two children in a marriage and they both have one Dad, but they view him in two totally different ways. Well that doesn't mean there are two dads, just different viewpoints. When we stop belittling others view point towards our "Dad" and accept that we may see things differently (let God be the final judge, not us). Be accepting, be loving, be aware of the differences, but drop the attitude- for it is all possible for us to be wrong. God blesses humility. I do believe in Jesus redemptive power. Yet I also believe God favors the Jews (sorry Biblical- not "fair"), but I also note that God saved Hagar and Ishmael from death in the desert- he shows compassion on what would become many nations of Arabs today- why? God does not forget. Why was He merciful & loving and let them live? What could it be God has plans to reach them also? Let us not be prideful and think God only thinks on us and let us wait and see what He has in store for other nations and people. Please PRAY for the Islamic nation. 


I know this isn't positive News, but I felt I needed to keep track of a rebuttal I made today to someone on Facebook who made a blanket statement about "Those Muslims". I thought I nailed it and wanted to set it down elsewhere for future reference: " And this is where we as Americans get into trouble by lumping Muslims as a group to be feared- a small percentage of radical extremists are to be feared. Muslims as a group constitutes 1/5 of the world's population and the religion is the second most popular in the world. So in essence you are telling me to fear and hate 1/5th of the world!!!! Muslims are a group of people of many different sects and nationalities. YOU need to smarten up and know what you are talking about. I would love to have many Muslim friends and I do online in many countries for a few years- they are kind, polite nice people. Strangely also like any other people- go figure! You confuse a small group of terrorists with all Muslims and this is Americans problem- you incite fear out of ignorance! And that attitude can cause war!"


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