Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Encore- Freedom From Hijab

I have found the past few weeks have meant a lot to me. 

 from the moment I opened to the My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران
 site on facebook and saw the pictures posted to now, I feel like my life itself has been touched.

I have made Iranian friends and a Pakastinian and an Israeli.

I feel like I have reached across an unknown void to touch warm and loving hearts in countries that to me before were only names.

I feel richer for the experience and I just want to post a few more pictures of my new friends and some of their thoughts and pleas for freedom!

She says: "Freedom of thought is my right.. awareness is my right.. Freedom of speech is my right! The hijab is not the one and only problem I have. Actually my major problem is living in a prison made up of rotten thoughts.. . Tajrish square, Tehran"

Bare with me- my interest sticks as I contemplate how much they risk for a moment of freedom, for wind in their hair.

I applaud as they reach out to grasp a moment of what I have in abundance!

How I wish I could package what I have and just give it away to them- 

like water to those who are thirsty. 

What do you say to a young man who is so thankful just to be a friend because "you are from the largest democracy in the world"? He was in awe- I was humbled.

What to him would be a heaven- to me was common place. 

It makes me appreciate what I have and yet I am surprised 

She says: "My stealthy freedom and me in Mazandaran. I wish someone would make us understand that being free is not being loose"

when I am with another American that they are not also talking about this,

but no they drone on about their own mundane concerns and I feel like saying- "Did you know there are others that are trying to steal a moment of freedom and you sound so petty in comparison?"

She proclaims: "Stealthy freedom on top of mountains! They echo my screams of freedom and turn them back to myself though!  I am from this country and I want my freedom right here. I wish somebody would hear our screams."

 Our pettiness as Americans- caught up in our purchases, our bills, our smallness of life- do we have no clue that others suffer for wanting what we have so easily? 

That others risk so much to just have a whiff of what we barely value? 

She says: "The only thing which is ignored in this society is freedom; We were never given a chance to talk about it before."


I appreciate what I have,

and these women on My Stealthy Freedom make me appreciate 

the air I breath freely 

and the wind that goes through my hair.


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