Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebrating A Moment of FREEDOM!

Before I go on to more mundane, but happy subjects that I wanted to explore- like Hummingbirds and their yearly return to Manitou Springs here in Colorado, I wanted to post more of those lovely shots I've been receiving on Facebook recently these past two weeks.

 On the facebook site: My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران  there are so many women who have removed their hijab for a brief moment of freedom to feel the wind in their hair and express their desire for freedom- forever.

 I find following their risky and still happy moment fun and it kinda keeps my life in perspective- as here in the United States it's "Summertime and the living's easy" as the old Gershwin song goes.

 I am not under any inforced law now, but I have been in my past when I was in an ultra-Conservative Christian group so I am familiar with the feeling of being subjugated by men in the name of religion.

And I have fought for my freedom also.

And some days- not as often as before- I also have to fight not to think before I dress if I put on pants or a dress, or if I go to get my hair cut.

Life for me now is free- I have known the bondage of another's perception of what they think is "Right" in God's eyes.

Ultimately, the only thing, I think, God cares about is our hearts and how we relate to something.

 If we are being made to do something against our will- this is bondage and does not please God- why should it? He cares for us and our hearts- our freedom of choice, our decision is what matters to Him.

You want to wear something or do something for God- well THAT gives Him pleasure- for it is your choice.

Again, I say, I've been there done that! I welcome my freedom and every day when I choose what I will wear for the day

 I celebrate that my joy in my Freedom makes God smile- I'm sure it does.

 Can't you just hear His laughter? I am free- truly!

So I honestly wish freedom for my sisters in Iran and try to encourage them in anyway I can- I do Understand.

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