Friday, May 23, 2014

Freedom From Hijab


Marco Ryan Photography: 3rd prize in Polaris International Photo Contest

I must admit, just last week I was thinking how beautiful women were with a traditional Hijab on or any head covering. From my perspective I only saw beauty. It's a touch of color when traveling through New York City.

Even on the news if there is tragedy- I think the women are so beautiful, even covered.

 So coming across photos of women "liberated" from their scarves made me pause. My, it never occurred to me some (if not for many) this isn't a choice they made, but foisted on them.  This article challenged my thoughts: The Facebook Page Where Iran’s Women Are Unveiling Online.  A photo from the Facebook page collecting women from Iran that are unveiling: My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران

"Protest ... An Iranian woman posted this photo of herself taking off her headscarf, writing 'Hoping for the day when all my nation’s women can taste freedom with their whole bodies and souls.' "My Stealthy Freedom آزادی یواشکی زنان در ایران

For some this is a freedom song.

and yet for others to wear a Hijab is an either expression of their religious beliefs or a fashion statement, or both.

 Some have fought to have the right to wear their coverings in France and in Canada.


So what is right? Ultimately. Perhaps just the freedom of choice. I think it is fear that propels laws. Fear that society will run amok without guidelines, and certainly that is understandable, especially for a Islamic country. But perhaps freedom to wear or not wear a Hijab would bring interesting results. One journalists noted that in the 80's wearing the Burqa and Hijab in Egypt had seemed to be declining and then a decade later there was a come back and now again most are covered, part of this is a religious resurgence and further it has become a fashion statement in itself.  Hijab fashion in Egypt: A lot more than meets the eye

                                                                                         Cairo Ladies Subway

Please note that while I celebrate with those who wanted Freedom from the Hijab, at the same time I do respect and in a way admire those who chose to wear it for their own personal Religious reasons.

 Hence, choice is the deciding factor: we must all have Freedom to choose what we wear and why we wear a headcovering or not. 

No one should be forced to wear one thing or another, as if owned as a slave. So let's celebrate the Freedoms found for some and do remember that respect is also important for those who do wear one.

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